Queen Victoria

In selecting the interior designer for THE QUEEN VICTORIA, we wanted someone who knew and respected the heritage of Hawaii; who could combine art with practicality while merging the grandeur of the past with the casual elegance of contemporary living. This balance of old and new, formality and comfort, had been exemplified in the interiors of The Sheraton Princeville designed by Jack Adams. His respect for Hawaii's past, incorporated in the Princeville project, was unique in the island's hotels.

Jack has been a resident of Hawaii since 1967 and has practiced interior design in the islands for more than 20 years. During that time he has given Hawaii such outstanding projects as the Waialae Country Club, Bank of Honolulu, Honolulu Medical Group, the Captains Table, Admiral's Club for American Airlines, Hemmeter Aviation Terminal, The Villas at Mauna Kea, The Commodore in Hawaii Kai, and the award winning Punahou Cliffs Condominium.

In addition to his Hawaii projects, Jack has also designed interiors for projects in New York, Atlanta, Huntsville, Seattle, Sacramento, Los Angeles. He lists clients from Japan, korea, Taiwan and New Zealand proving that Adams Design is truly a world-class design team.

We were pleased to find such design excellence in a kamaaina design firm, as we required intensive space planning of the individual residences to maximize the aesthetic and practical aspects of each floor plan. Virtually all of THE QUEEN VICTORIA public area details, including furniture, lighting and art selection will be representative of his team's precise attention to detail in reflecting Hawaii's Victorian era.

Jack notes that during the mid-1800's, royalty and certain merchants and plantation owners traveled extensively and collected ideas concerning architecture, interior design and furniture from some of the great capitals and estates of Europe. These ideas gave birth to much of the architecture and furnishings associated with Hawaii during the Victorian era. It is the blending of these European influences with our Hawaiian heritage that Jack intends to incorporate into THE QUEEN VICTORIA'S public areas in his determination "to create a warm, comfortable feeling that is gracious and inviting, and at the same time, bring a bit of Hawaii's past into THE QUEEN VICTORIA".

Richard King

The Victoria Group, Ltd.
130 merchant Street
Suite 1000
Honolulu, HI 96813
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