Alan and Honey Pavel
5276 Oio Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96821

We have had the opportunity to work with Jack Adams several different times over the years. About 23 years ago, Alan worked very closely with him to design and furnish new offices in the Queen's Physicians' Office Building. His planning of the space for best use and then the interior design was flawless.

After living in our home for 25 years and doing many piecemeal additions and renovations, we decided to try to do a renovation that would help to make the house look as though it all belonged under one roof. In 1989, we began, with Jack's help, to redo the master bedroom. His transformation of that space, which had so many limitations, was so great that we immediately decided that he was the one to help us renovate the rest of the house.

What first impressed us was his attempt to find out just what we liked and did not like in the existing house. He then set out to help us achieve the result we wanted. We found Jack to be a superb, creative designer with a wonderful ability to visualize and use space. He also was readily available whenever an unexpected problem arose, which of course occurs during a renovation. We did have definite ideas as to things we wanted to keep, and he was able to work with us to fit them into new surroundings. His suggestions as to fabric, carpet, etc., were excellent and he was always careful to let us make final choices with his guidance!

We cannot recommend Jack highly enough. Professionally, he is THE BEST, and personally, he is a pleasure to work with -- he remains calm when problems arise, and is a true gentleman.

Alan and Honey Pavel

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