Hallstrom Group

January 12, 1999

To Whom It May Concern-.

Jack Adams has performed work on behalf of The Hallstrom Group since our inception in 1980. He designed and provided construction oversight for our original offices at 233 Merchant Street which were an exciting and functional working environment until company expansion required larger facilities. Moving to Pauahi Tower at Bishop Square, we were required to use the building's designer. Upon completion of these offices, we were not content that they represented the professionalism of our firm, and thus called upon Jack to provide his unique insight into our finishes and furnishings. We are still pleased with the results 13 years later.

Over the years, my brother Jim and I, the two principals of The Hallstrom Group, have personally engaged Jack for design and decorating functions in several home renovation and remodeling projects.

Always, we have found Jack and those who assist him at Adams Design to be exemplary in their ability and performance Jack's artistic talent and design skills combine to allow work which is unique and of the highest caliber. However, while able to undertake the most sophisticated of work, Jack is also sensitive to individual needs and budgets. He wants his clients to be satisfied and comfortable with the results long after the work is complete.

We highly recommend Jack Adams to any individual or organization that has needs for his exceptional services.


Donald L. Hallstrom, CRE
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