Gordon Residence

Lawrence H, Gordon, M. D.
Orthopedic Consultant

January 11, 1999

Mr. Jack Adams
1415 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96826

Dear Jack,

As the Holiday Season comes to an end, it is appropriate that Betty and I write you a letter to once again thank you for the outstanding job you did in redesigning our kitchen. As you know we wanted a modern yet airy and homey room, one that we are comfortable in when just the two of us are here, one in which we can informally entertain without Betty slaving over the stove while our company and I sit in our living room enjoying the hors d'oeuvres; but also one which can immediately accommodate our many offspring.

Christmas was such a time when four of our six children, two of their spouses and five of our grandchildren were all here along with a mother-in-law. What a wonderful time we had. The kitchen was the center of all the activity, the casual eating, the place for the Monopoly Board, a crawling baby and discussions from the fate of the world to making sure Robbie didn't put the wrong thing in his mouth. Our kitchen is the ultimate 'family room'.

And yet this evening a couple came by and they thought that not only was the room comfortable but was truly elegant. We agree.

May you have a prosperous and happy New Year and may your tennis reach never ending heights.

Mahalo again and Aloha,

Lawrie and Betty Gordon

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