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January 5, 1999I

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to relate our working experience with Jack Adams of Adams Design.

I worked with Jack on implementation of a master renovation plan we developed for a large resort hotel in Korea. Jack's specific role was interior design on a 300 seat all-purpose restaurant, leading the design and contract documents. I found that working with Jack was a pleasure. He understood our overall design philosophy, and developed his work in accordance with it, adding imaginative yet sympathetic design directions of his own. He responded to our schedule needs. He also understood and bridged the gap between the interior architecture and interior design. The project was implemented about two years ago, much to our and the owner's satisfaction. I am very happy to recommend Jack as a talented interior designer who works well with architects. Please feel to contact me to discuss any aspects of the above.


David A. Miller, AIA

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