Island Colony / Coral Reef

ISLAND COLONY HOTEL. This hotel was decorated in tapa from Tahiti and Fiji. The authentic tapa hangings created a focal point of interest in a simple and undetailed architectural space. The furniture was imported from Hong Kong and Indonesia. The Hawaiian activities desk in the lobby was in koa and was manned by a concierge in traditional Hawaiian dress. Adams Design over saw the design and fabrication of the room furniture as well, which was executed in rattan and teak. CORAL REEF LOBBY. This renovation of a Waikiki hotel entailed a totally new look of tropical and oriental influences. A system of posts and beams were created to cover existing concrete elements. These rectangular forms were edged in faux bamboo, as was the arched front desk facade. Topped in granite this new counter provided a focal point that is striking and functional. Behind the front desk is a large fish tank which is a live "coral reef." The furniture is bamboo as well, with upholstery that is a "coral reef" pattern. The light sconces and chandeliers are of Japanese derivation in patinaed copper.
Model Apartment, Admiral Thomas

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