Honolulu Medical Group / Zippy's Restaurant

HONOLULU MEDICAL GROUP. The scheme of this medical group’s public areas was to be cheery and uplifting as well as graphically easy to find your way around. To accomplish these ends, a decorative palette of analogous colors was derived to make each floor unique in appearance and psychologically positive. This positive and uplifting use of the psychology of vibrant color was possible because only five steps of color (analogous) were used per floor – in upholstery, wall covering, carpet, and even in graphic art. This created an ambiance that was, at the same time, energizing and calming. The artwork also utilized a counter point of black and white photography by one of Hawaii’s premiere photographers of "escapist" subjects of people at play in places familiar to those who will be sitting in the waiting areas. The strong color harmony also makes it easy to remember your floor for subsequent visits. ZIPPY’S. This renovation of a popular "fast food" restaurant gave the property entry into a new market niche. The alterations included enclosing the street side corner, taking advantage of an existing row of palm trees. The atrium effect was heightened by the use of glass block framing the entry doors. This glass block detail was then repeated in the ceiling with a special light-weight plastic version of the block as back light sky light. A custom designed border treatment was hand stenciled for accent. The overall renovation was both durable and beautiful.
Bank of Honolulu / Dr. Marco Rizzo

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