Havana Cabana / Cafe Hanalei

HAVANA CABANA. This "cigar bistro" is located next to the "Hawaii Theatre," a traditional landmark on the national list of historic buildings. This lounge was done in the Edwardian style similar to the theatre. It has the feel of a "gentleman's club" of the early 1900's - the columns, wall, and floor are all hand finished in faux-patina to simulate age. The effect is an ambiance which echoes a by-gone era and feels like the club has been there since the original opening of the "Hawaii Theatre." CAFE HANALEI. This cafe typifies the colonial plantation style. Hawaii was colonized by the British, and the United States. The vocabulary of colonial architecture and furniture was a mix of traditional British influence and native or ethnic craft. In Hawaii, this blend was evidenced in the imported rattan and wicker furniture - English in design and Indonesian in fabrication. The chairs were dipped in white stain and weathered. The railing details are European, accented with cut-out patterns derived from the Hawaiian quilt. The ceiling is regaled in these patterns in bas-relief. Ceiling fans were complimented by Victorian style chandeliers.
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